1. Detailed history including history of present illness, past medical history, medications, living will, social history, personal history, family history, other medical providers, prevention screening, and comprehensive physical exam including height and body mass index that include up to 2 hours time* with the doctor.
  2. Screening eye exam with machine*
  3. Spirometry (lung function test)*
  4. Audiogram (hearing test)*
  5. Doppler assessment for peripheral arterial disease (Ankle Brachial Index of each leg)*
  6. Folstein test of memory
  7. Electrocardiogram*
  8. Nutritional assessment
  9. Depression screening (Burns test)
  10. Sleep apnea screening*
  11. Anxiety screening*
  12. Sexual function screening*
  13. Physical activity screening*
  14. Alcohol screening
  15. Domestic violence screening*
  16. Fall screening
  17. Complete blood count (CBC)*
  18. Vitamin B12 level*
  19. Vitamin D level*
  20. Comprehensive metabolic panel (includes liver and kidney function, electrolytes and blood sugar)*
  21. Hemoglobin Ale (test for diabetes)*
  22. TSH (screening test for under- or overactive thyroid)*
  23. NMR lipoprofile (advanced cholesterol analysis including LDL particle count)*
  24. Myeloperoxidase (test of arterial inflammation and indicator of heart attack risk)*
  25. PSA (Prostate specific antigen) for men
  26. Urinalysis*
  27. Urine for microalbumin in patients with diabetes*
  28. Letter summarizing exam results with recommendations and copy of complete physical sent to patient.*




*Not generally covered on Medicare annual wellness or insurance wellness exams.

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